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At Vinci, we provide a range of business management and strategic advice. There are so many great ideas that never make it off the drawing board due to simply not having a plan!

Strategic Management at it’s core is simply setting a goal and committing it to a plan and then taking the first step toward that goal. 

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Kiwipodz is the brainchild of Tony McQuaig and has been under development for over 5 years.  When Tony approached Mike 2 years ago to help develop a strategic plan to help take his idea from the incubation space to the market place, Mike could see the potential and leapt at the opportunity to help.  What followed was the development of a strategic plan to take the idea to build the product into a brand, promote and launch Kiwipodz to New Zealand and then the World.  There are many hours that have gone into the development of the strategic plan for Kiwipodz.  And while things never go exactly as planned and there are external factors definitely out of our control. Like a Global pandemic!  We have held onto the goals we have in the plan and will launch a production model in time for the Spring and Summer seasons.  So in some ways the timing is perfect with demand for domestic accommodation set to increase and a Kiwipodz strategic plan to deliver quickly and efficiently anywhere in New Zealand.  Effective strategy will still get you through challenging times and help you reach your goals, and that’s what we at Vinci are all about and can be summed up with the phrase “Et Vincimus” Together we Win!

  • The “Grand Design” of minor dwellings
  • Eco-friendly with a small foot print
  • Can locate or relocate anywhere
  • Last 20+ years and guaranteed for 15  
  • Unique world first design

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